Preparing for The Harmonic Convergence of 2012
Jose Arguelles-Valum Votan, Galactic Research Institute

"As the year AD 2012 approaches, the planet will be humming and vibrating as never before. The final five-year period, AD 2007-2012, will be singularly directed to the emplacement of galactic synchronization crews at all the planetary light grid nodes." Mayan Factor p.143

2012. It seems that date is increasingly on everybody's mind. The release on November 12, 2009, of the Roland Emmerich film, 2012, has popularized this date on a planetary scale. As awareness of that date becomes an event of mass consciousness, we begin to sense the coming of something of the greatest magnitude, a veritable "WorldShift." Its ripples are creating the first waves, washing up on the shores of the old consciousness.

For those of us who have pioneered in the practices of the 13:20 frequency, the Law of Time, and now the Synchronotron, this is the moment we have been awaiting. Many grand dreams and visions have been expounded regarding preparation for this great moment. Here and there some hearty blades of grass push above the ground. No matter that there are still only a few. What needs to be accomplished can still be accomplished.

There are sufficient 13:20 peace garden communities and beginning CREST13 centers to lay the ground work. Even more important there are many people everywhere, affiliated with PAN nodes or not, who are aware of the relation between the 13 Moon calendar, the circumpolar rainbow bridge meditation and the impending 2012 event horizon. The ground swell for the Harmonic Convergence of 2012 (12-21-2012) is now palpable.

While it is absolutely critical that the CREST13 project be minimally established as originally conceived, in recognition of the different projects and tendencies now converging in a 13:20 wave (the Harmonic Convergence of 2012), we now propose that all of the aforementioned efforts (inclusive of CREST13) be grouped under the general category of "galactic synchronization crews."

To function as a unified field dispersed around the planet at the various "planetary light grid nodes," the Galactic Synchronization Crews (GSC) need but a simple set of defining ground rules that anyone can follow. It matters not whether you are an advanced student of the Law of Time, or new to the 13 Moon calendar to form or be a member of a GSC.

1. A Galactic Synchronization Crew may be defined as a group of three or more people who are attuned to the reality and meaning of 2012 as climactic event that augurs a change in the frequency of time and a consequent mind shift. The purpose of this unprecedented shift is to prepare our terrestrial habitat for galactic synchronization.

2. Galactic synchronization refers both to preparations for the Harmonic Convergence of 2012, as well as the follow-up event of that name, Galactic Synchronization, July 26, 2013. While the Harmonic Convergence of 2012 will culminate the cycle of history with the celebration of the Rainbow Bridge, the Galactic Synchronization of July 26, 2013, will usher our planet into a new era of expanded cosmic consciousness through a formal linking with galactic intelligence. This moment will inaugurate the new era of the noosphere (mind of the Earth), when Earth is operating as a fully conscious vehicle of unification - Timeship Earth 2013.

3. "Planetary light grid nodes" refer to the invisible network that connects all of the various sacred sites of our planet - and these are innumerable. Some are more obvious - like Mt. Shasta, Mt Fuji, Mt. Kenya, Uluru, Stonehenge, Macchu Picchu, or Teotihuacan - but most are only locally known. Wherever you are, you know where these sites might be - waterfalls, lakes, ancient trees, caves, springs, etc. The point is to identify and become familiar with them. As the time approaches you will be practicing certain meditations and visualizations at these sites, building up to the Big One. The point is to establish and deepen our connection with the Earth as the sacred carrier of our highest dreams.

For the sake of coherence and unification a Galactic Synchronization Crew is unified by following or observing the following methods, practices or techniques:

1. Thirteen Moon 28-day calendar. Following this calendar (synchronometer) puts you in the new 13:20 frequency and serves as the foundation placing all Galactic Synchronization Crew members on the same information base wherever they are. Programmed into the 13 Moon calendar are certain daily practices that give a common base for remaining synchronized. The most important of these include: Learning about the 7 radial plasmas in relation to your chakras, and coordinating your body with the daily tone and seal, while aligning the five principle chakras with the planet holon. There is a whole new language here called the synchronic order - placing your mind and body in the order of harmonic time. But it all starts with following the13 Moon calendar.

Seven Radial Plasmas

Human Holon with 13 Tones, 20 Seals and 5 Principle Chakras

Planet Holon

2. Galactic Signature. Through following the 13 Moon calendar you also get your galactic signature. No Galactic Synchronization Crew can be fully functional until its members are operating by their galactic signatures. This is your password into galactic culture. By your galactic signature, for instance, you immediately become a member of one of five Earth families, which also assigns you to a planetary telepathic protectorate zone on the planet holon. Following the movement of the Earth families around the planet holon in four five day cycles is important for understanding practices that we will later provide. What is important to understand is how we attain identification and sympathetic resonance with the Earth through these methods. Click here to find your galactic signature.

3. Natural mind meditation. This is the most basic practice to keep your mind clear, open and increasingly detached. This is essential for learning and receiving new information, attaining greater telepathic receptivity, and for maintaining poise and balance in a world that will be increasing its tendency to hysteria the closer we get to 2012. Practice this daily (See p.22, 13 Moon pocket calendar)

4. The rainbow bridge meditation. This practice is at the heart of the purpose of the Galactic Synchronization Crews. At its simplest level it involves visualizing a rainbow connecting the Earth's magnetic poles. The Bridge is in two parts each 180 degrees apart. It also involves weekly practice of creating a time atom, and on the seventh day telepathically placing it in the Earth's crystal core. Visualizing the rainbow bridge as a group practice is an excellent way of bonding the Galactic Synchronization Crew. So meetings on Silio days (7,14,21 and 28 of every Moon are recommended. (See instructions, p. 21 pocket calendar, or www.lawoftime.org, or www.noosphereforum.org) This image of the rainbow bridge we will want to imprint in our heart, remembering it at all times.

5. Finding your planetary light grid node. The point of the Galactic Synchronization Crews is to activate the planetary light body. These nodes are the sacred points at which the terrestrial geomagnetic flows connect with the Earth's electromagnetic field. By connecting our own biopsychic energy through our activated chakra system, we create a triple interaction with the geomagnetic and electromagnetic fields.

It is this triune force field - biopsychic, geomagnetic and electromagnetic -that is recognized by the galactic intelligence as a sign that the human intentionality is willing to work with the telluric forces. In locating and gathering at the planetary light body node (you may already know it), if we are but three, we may form a triangle at the site and sit in meditation. If more than three just make a circle. Our meditation is in silence. We are here to open our chakras - doors to the infinite - to the energies of the site, creating a purifying flow or energy stream. We are also here to let the Earth speak to us, to listen for its messages.

In gathering at these light grid nodes we merge our own energy fields into one unified field of consciousness, and then merge that collective energy field with that of Earth's, so that we are creating a resonant channel or column of energy that ascends skywards. This is like an astral smoke signal sent to the galactic observers. If you wish, you may place a good-sized crystal at the center of the group to ground the energies.

Once you have located your site you may go there as frequently as every seven days, or thirteen days, or once a moon, or whenever it feels appropriate to you. You should think whenever you gather that you are one of many such GSCs and that together all of you are creating the planetary light grid of the noosphere. As the mind of the Earth, the noosphere is the actual planetary sphere of intelligence with which the Galactic intelligence needs to interact. This means we must learn to function as a single unified planetary channel dispersed around the Earth.

As we enter the year 2012, synchronization times will be given for the meditations. There are already major events being planned that will contribute to the Harmonic Convergence of 2012 such as the August 11, 2012 focused Planetchange event (www.planetchange.com, www.noosphereforum.org). Throughout the 2012 year the purpose of the Galactic Synchronization Crews will be to establish a synchronically pulsating matrix in space and time that will reflect the heartbeat of the Earth, growing ever stronger and more unified as we move toward the date 21-12-2012 - the Harmonic Convergence of 2012. From all of these sites shall spring forth the long prophesied rainbow bridge.

You may form a Galactic Synchronization Crew whenever you are ready and there are at least three of you willing to do so. The point is that we have some two years to practice before the year 2012 arrives. The ground rules given here are the minimum to follow and to create a unified field of consciousness - the noosphere. This is a spiritual method and plan, and only augments any other spiritual belief or system you may be following.

You may wish to obtain a large geophysical map of the world and outline the planet holon, locating your own planetary light grid node, and also for identifying your particular telepathic protectorate zone (if it is not the same as the one in which your light grid node is located). Or you may wish to make a planet holon grid on the Earth with stones, for instance, and then use a crystal to follow the movement of the daily kin. Remember, ultimately this is an "off the grid" project meaning that the telepathic network is independent of and will far outlast the cybersphere.

Following the Harmonic Convergence of 2012, you will know what and how to proceed to meet the point of Galactic Synchronization, 26 July 2013, Yellow Galactic Seed, the launching of Timeship Earth 2013.

Everything is acknowledged as a being a gift from the One Supreme Creator. The teaching of the rainbow truth of the Law of One is our common galactic standard. We are one in the Infinite Sun, forever, and ever and ever.